Thursday, March 3, 2016

March On

During Late February, the temperatures were in the upper 60's and it was dry. We had a mild winter for Kansas City, not a lot of snow but good rains in January and early February. Dig season 2016 will wrap up soon and the crews are hard at it getting the b&b trees out of the ground.  

The landscape distribution center has made a few changes with new work sites for new faces at 143rd Street. At the north location, we are adding a contractor's quick stop to help customers navigate the site faster. 

We will carry an expanded chemical line with granular and liquid formulations of Talstar to keep the turf and ornamental pests at bay.  
We also have Mallet insecticide in gallon jugs for turf and ornamental prevention of foliar feeding insects.

An early warm up will bring early fungal issues.  Don't let your plants get overrun with black spot.  We carry a good fungicide for this problem - Cleary 3336.  It is also a good choice for crabs and dogwoods. Apply at leaf break, half leaf, and full leaf to protect these plants from cedar apple rust and help new plantings hold leaves longer with cleaner, healthier plants.

Hope your shovels are sharp and ready to dig. Have a great spring look forward to seeing you all on the other side of the counter.

Don Mann, KS Certified Arborist, KS Certified Pesticide Applicator