Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Winter Interest for the Landscape

November has passed, and December is upon us. While this can seem like a dull and gloomy time of year for our landscapes, we can also be excited about the winter interest that plants have to offer us. Loma Vista has several options to give you and your customers that extra pop of color or texture in the cold winter months.

Gold Mop Cypress  
These evergreen Chamaecyparis pisifera plants are a fantastic option to add texture and color all winter long.

‘Indian Magic’ Crabapple   
I was driving through the trees today and turned around to check out this Malus. It really puts on a show with its plentiful red-orange berries.

Maiden Grass  
I remember the first time I saw (and actually took notice of) Miscanthus with snow-covered plumes. It is still one of my favorites in the wintertime.

Heritage® River Birch Clump  
Among all the exfoliating barks out there, Betula nigra is one of the most powerful forces in the landscape. These trees are a beautiful sight always, but even more so after a fresh layer of snow.

Arctic Fire™ Dogwood  
You can’t beat these beautiful fiery red branches, especially when they are showcased by a background of white snow in the wintertime.

Weeping Norway Spruce 
These trees look really great. Every time I’m in our pot-in-pot section, I can’t help but stop and admire them for a moment.

Brooke Stamm, Production Coordinator, Loma Vista Nursery

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