Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Lessons Learned From Fall 2014

Unlike last November when we had an early hard freeze, this fall we had a nice November with a slow cool down and a timely rain.  Last year, going into winter, we saw what happens when temperatures plummet and the foliage froze on the branches.  The frozen foliage did not damage the plants, new spring foliage came on just fine.  We did learn that plants we all thought to be cold and drought tolerant, including magnolias and weeping cherry, did not survive the brutal cold drop or experienced severe die back.  

Though we received ample moisture Thanksgiving weekend in the Kansas City area, winter water will still be critical with new landscapes and evergreens. Wilt Pruf will be in stock in December. Landscapes with many delicate evergreens, azaleas, holly and boxwood plantings will benefit from repeat applications through the winter months. 

Our fall harvest is underway though the recent rain will slow it down this week.  Truck loads of fresh dug b&b trees are arriving daily. Our selection of container trees is also strong and helps us keep ones in stock that are fall dig hazards.  

Have a great fall planting, enjoy the holidays, and be certain to join us for our Holiday Open House on December 16.

Don Mann, KS Certified Arborist, KS Certified Pesticide Applicator, Loma Vista Nursery

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