Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Growth and Diversity at Loma Vista Nursery

As the Human Resources Director of Loma Vista Nursery, I have seen many changes since the beginning of operation in 1991.  What I am most excited about is Loma Vista's continued growth. This is most prevalent when looking at the amount of people we employ each year which is constantly growing.  Loma Vista started in 1991 with a staff of 5 employees and we have now reached our biggest year of employees of 170.  Amazing!  This includes all locations: LDC, Tree Farm, North, and Container Farm.
My job has been a constant flow of interviewing and hiring since early last February. Loma Vista Nursery has been a strong advocate of diversity.   We have had the opportunity to have interns from Brazil and Russia as well as the Untied States.  With the assistance of Catholic Charities, we assisted refugees with gainful employment from Burma, Thailand, and Nepal.  Loma Vista has been going the extra mile for their employees by helping them with transportation and housing.  Thus, giving them a chance to learn a trade and make a decent living.  We go above and beyond what is considered the normal for any HR department.  After all, we are in the people business.
I only anticipate further growth and diversity in the future for Loma Vista Nursery.  

Images from our summer company picnic and fishing derby at our container farm in Ottawa, Kansas:

telling a fishing story or two 

getting ready to fish 

  who will be the winner of the fishing derby

she looks like a pro 

it's a beautiful day to fish 

ready for the company picnic

By Leanne Follett, Human Resources, Loma Vista Nursery

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