Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Colorful Coral Bells

This summer I spent a day in Hudson, Wisconsin with my cousin, Meg who recently moved back to the Midwest. She told me about a homeowner's landscape in town where a few of the plant beds featured coral bells. She took me by the house that afternoon so I could enjoy it. I had never thought about making coral bells the main plant in a garden bed before but I have to admit, it works.

Coral Bells 1 

Coral Bells 2 
My choices for a bed like this would be:
Carnival Candy Apple
  • Copper and red foliage
  • 10-12" tall by 14-16" wide
  • White flowers
Carnival Limeaide
  • Bright green foliage frosted in silver
  • 12 to 14" tall and wide
  • White flowers
Carnival Coffee Bean
  • Coppery foliage mixed with tan and red
  • 12" tall by 14" wide
  • White flowers
Coral bells also pair well with annuals, perennials and even boxwood:

Coral Bells 3 
At Loma Vista Nursery we carry twelve varieties of coral bells to choose from for your garden spaces. From Purple Palace to the new Carnival Black Olive, we have your coral bell needs covered.  

By Kate Williams, Sales Representative, Loma Vista Nursery

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