Friday, May 22, 2015

Minding My Garden, a human resources perspective on gardening

I am "going out on a limb" to make the correlation between my daily job duties at Loma Vista Nursery, as the Director of Human Resources, and caring for my garden. Choosing the right plant, whether it is an annual, perennial or evergreen is as important as choosing the right employee. Plants, like employees, get the nurturing they need to flourish and thrive in the correct placement. In my job title and as a gardener, I am responsible for understanding the perfect fit for each position/placement.

Over the past 12 years, I have had the opportunity to be part of the hiring process at Loma Vista Nursery with the pleasure of watching many employees establishing their roots within the company, both seasonal and permanent. I planted Wisteria, Honeysuckle, and Clematis, several years ago when I had a pergola added to my back yard. I have been patiently waiting for those vines to reach the top to provide shade to the backyard-it gets full afternoon sun. It reminds me of some of our employee's branching-out, going that extra mile in their jobs. They have cross-trained in different positions often starting from the bottom learning the skills needed to reach the "top of the pergola." Our customers depend and count on staff that they have developed a relationship with over the years. I depend on my Fat Albert Blue Spruce to always be in my front yard with Lilies, Echinacea, and Rudbeckia in the background blooming faithfully year after year. I carefully choose which annuals I plant in certain beds and track which ones do well from year to year which makes my garden stand out with unique quality from my neighbors.

Loma Vista's management team understands that we must also do our part to provide initial and ongoing training, helping to nourish our valued employees. One of my favorite "Miracle-Gro" applications is our weekly safety meeting. Managers, department heads, and team leaders provide useful information to keep workers safe; such as staying hydrated, proper insulation from environmental exposure, and tips on how to relieve stress, such as back pain from improper lifting. Weekly prizes are awarded to those who demonstrate safety in the workplace, with no mishaps. We recognize the importance of employment birthdays and saying thank you for being part of our family. Garden parties are always fun with friends and family and so are the ongoing company-wide events we throw for our entire workforce.

Loma Vista Nursery takes pride in cultivating our employees to do their best.  Each position has great importance and doing well reflects on Loma Vista's pride in consumer satisfaction. A Human Resources job title requires me to not only do the fun stuff like hiring, training, assisting with planning events, and getting to know our wonderful team on a personal level, it also requires unfavorable task like to "weeding out the rotten tomatoes" from my garden. Each and every employee understands the hard work required in the nursery business. Team work is essential and we want our employees to "come grow with us." I may be bias in thinking I have the best garden in our neighborhood, but then again, I also know the grass is greener at Loma Vista Nursery.
  Fall lawn program at Loma Vista

  By Leanne Rae Follet, Human Resources, Loma Vista Nursery

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