Friday, April 24, 2015

Early Success from the Tree Fields

The focus of this article will turn all heads to the dedicated crew at Loma Vista's tree farm under the leadership of Manuel Lopez.  

Manuel Lopez

Manuel has been with Loma Vista since 1992 when our tree fields were at our Olathe location. In the early days, it was Manuel, owner Mark Clear, and a handful of people, including Lyndsi after school and summers, growing and harvesting our trees. 

Today, 30 men, 4 tree spades, and a master plan were the ingredients to a very successful early spring shipping season. 

tree spades

tree load
This year we sent 60 loads to our out of state customers.  We knew this timely six week execution would be a challenge, but one that was welcomed by the Loma Vista team.  Not only were these orders a priority, the crews were also digging and shipping to both of our distribution centers in the metropolitan Kansas City area.  

fresh load of trees

In addition, the crews worked hard re-planting the fields at Willow.  1,000's of liners were planted in the fields this spring. The tree crews worked diligently seven days a week, dusk till dawn.  Not to mention dancing around the unpredictable weather of the Midwest.  My hats off to the crew at Willow.

Caarpinus fastigiata field shot
With spring harvest wrapping up, we are already planning for fall harvest and next spring's also.  We have great crops of Crimson Sunset, Redpointe, Sun Valley, Autumn Splendor, Autumn Blaze and Hot Wings Maples coming on.  Plus, Royal Raindrops Crabapples, Chanticleer Pears, Quaking Aspens, Espresso Coffeetrees, and Serviceberries too.  Oaks include Kindred Spirit, Regal Prince, Crimson Spire and Heritage. Norway Spruce, White Pines, and upright junipers are a few of the evergreens we grow.
Summer is a great time to tour the tree fields and book your orders for the upcoming harvests. Orders for fall 2015 and spring 2016 placed this summer will receive priority when the orders are allocated in September.  

Contact your sales representative to make arrangements to tour the fields or email us at  We'd love to show you what we are growing and introduce you to some of the dedicated crew that are growing your trees.  

By Jeremy Amos, Farm Direct Inside Sales, Loma Vista Nursery

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