Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Plan Now for Summer Sales

Are you thinking about summer?  If you are in Kansas City, you are braving the wind chills and summer probably seems like a distant dream. Spring is just around the corner and most of our current efforts are focused on spring no doubt. Last week I took a break from the cold Kansas winter and spent the week with my family on the beach in Mexico. It was a relaxing break and the highlight was watching my one-year and three-year old daughters play in the surf.
The warm weather did get me thinking about summer though. Spring will be here and gone in what will feel like a blink.  If we get mild temperatures and decent rainfall like we did in 2014, there will be the opportunity for strong sales this summer. While I was on vacation, I started planning for summer by reviewing Loma Vista's summer inventory and forecasts. We have some great stuff coming ready late spring and early summer, from perennials and grasses to container trees. If you are planning on a strong spring and think you might need to restock early summer, you can book container trees and other items off our summer availability now. Just give your Loma Vista Nursery sales rep a call.

Here are some highlights of what is coming early summer:
#25 1.75-2in Autumn Blaze Maple
#25 1.75-2in Paperbark Maple
#25 2in Somerset Red Maple
#30 8-10ft Heritage Birch Clump
#25 2in Yellowwood
#25 2in Red Jewel Crabapple
Exclamation Planetree 
#30 2in Exclamation Planetree
#25 2in Burr Oak
#25 1.75-2in Shawnee Brave Bald Cypress
#25 2in Emerald Sunshine Elm
#20 2in Patriot Elm

By Lyndsi Oestmann, Vice President, Loma Vista Nursery

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