Thursday, March 12, 2015

It's Spring!

Today, it feels like spring.  Although, last week with the snow on the dock, it didn't seem like spring was really going to come.  In just one week, we are at 70 degrees and the nursery is coming alive.   

dock with snow

March is the start of the busy shipping season. As we get ready to start shipping all your plants and trees, we are finishing up the review of our processes, making changes as needed, and training staff. 

When you call your salesperson, they get your order entered into our inventory/accounting program and the plants are allocated.  This step also determines what location the plants will be pulled from.  

Nathan and Karen
Nathan and Karen

The salesperson sends the the order to myself and Nathan, assistant shipping manager. Picking tickets with locations are printed for the pulling crews.  

Javier and Dylan
Javier and Dylan

Once plants are pulled, they are brought to the dock and staged per customer.  Crews tag, clean, and get the plants ready to load and ship. Any concerns are brought to the attention of the shipping managers, inventory manager and growers. 


Pedro, our dock foreman, checks the counts and quality making sure the orders are correct.  

If you are at the container farm for a tour, please stop by and say hello.  I love meeting our customers and making sure you are happy with your orders and delivery.  

Have a great spring!  
Karen Brooks, Shipping Manager, Loma Vista Nursery

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