Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Fast Forward into Spring!

We are beginning the propagation cycle this spring with tree seedlings.  Loma Vista grows many species of Oak as well as Redbud, Hackberry, Pine, Aspen, Catalpa and Populus from seed. The process is fairly straightforward.  However, each type of seed has its own set of germination requirements, which can be anywhere from sowing directly in a container, a 1 hour soak in sulfuric acid followed by 90 days of cold stratification to pre-germination in moist burlap.

 Quercus acutissima

The warm temperatures over the past couple of weeks have really awakened the plant material in the propagation houses and we are pruning and fertilizing like crazy.

We have just finished cutting off the understock on our grafted upright juniper crop and are ready to remove the grafting rubber bands.  We expect to have good results based on the testing that we have done so far.

 Tiger Eyes Sumac
I just returned from Minnesota and was able to visit Bailey Nurseries to see their Rhus typhinia Tiger Eyes propagation.  We will be planting root pieces of Tiger Eyes this year for the first time and I am really glad I got to see their operation first hand.  It will be helpful as we move forward.

 Matilda Eufracio

I am grateful for the returning propagation ladies and especially Propagation Section Head, Tony Marquez for their knowledge and experience. This is going to be a great year!

Tony Mauquez 
 By Patricia Osborn, Propagation Manger, Loma Vista Nursery

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