Friday, January 30, 2015

Grafting Junipers

Matilde and Juan
Matilde and Juan

The propagation department began the New Year grafting upright junipers, such as Hetzi Columnaris, Skyrocket, Canaerti, Taylor and Spartan.  In the past, Loma Vista has purchased upright junipers as grafted liners because our customers prefer to have these plants grafted on a rootstock that is more fibrous, such as Hetzi.

Grafting Tent  

Ben Cecil, Operations Manager, began a test of grafting them in-house last year that was successful. As a result, we bought in small rootstock liners, shifted them to 4" pots and grew them out for the rest of the season.

trays in chamber  

In November we transferred them to a fog house with bottom heat, began collecting scion wood and started grafting.  We have just finished 8050 grafts.

The plants must be kept in a warm, humid environment until the graft heals, approximately six weeks. We built grafting tents within the fog house to trap heat and humidity to help this process.  

Wichita Blue Junipers in Grafting Chambers

We are planning on increasing our grafted liner numbers in the future and are growing the rootstock in house for next year's crop. 
By Patricia Osborn, Propagation Manager, Loma Vista Nursery

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