Thursday, December 18, 2014

Building on the Past and Planning for the Future

It is almost here.  Really....2015. We cannot believe it. It seems that 2014 steamrolled through with a mighty force, and there was nothing we could do to slow it down.

In 2014 Loma Vista Nursery's container farm added an additional 4,000 sockets to our newly constructed Pot-in-Pot tree production. Our team of growers are scouring the country to learn as much as they can about this type of production and we are also doing a lot of trials at the nursery to determine how to produce the best container tree possible. We now have a total of 15,600 container trees and our availability for spring and summer 2015 looks strong. There will be a lot of two inch trees coming ready in early summer.


2014 was also a banner year for perennial production at Loma Vista.  Jessi, our perennial grower, started producing our perennial plugs from unrooted cuttings.  This opened the door for increased production, better supply and fresher crops throughout the year. 


Heuchera house

For 2015, we plan to finish even more one gallon perennials from URC's including many new varieties from Darwin Perennials and Ball Horticulture. After seeing these varieties in the trial gardens at Ball over the summer, I could not wait to get them on to our production plan. Check out our 2015 order form for a list of these varieties. 


Carnival Watermelon Heuchera


Loma Vista Nursery opened its second Landscape Distribution Center in fall of 2013.  The new location made it through its first spring with no major catastrophe.  This was quite an accomplishment and all due to the excellent team of people we have on board at the new site. We are looking forward to a strong 2015 at the new location which will be driven by new housing and construction in the area.


Kansas City LDC

Lastly, we were able to make a big change in our field tree production in 2014 that will enable us to be much more efficient in producing high quality balled and burlap trees. Formerly, our tree production was located on two farms that are separated by about 20 miles of highway. Logistically, this was not the best scenario. In 2014, we built a large retention pond for irrigation and fenced another large section of property and started preparing the soil.  This fall, we were able to sell the Baldwin City property and will now have all of our field production at our Willow Springs, Kansas farm.  This farm is about 700 acres total and is located just south of Lawrence, Kansas.  The soil is the best we've come across in the metro area (over the past 24 years we've had tree farms in various sections of the KC Metro). We can even grow some nice blue spruce here!


Spruce field

Our team has been energetically preparing for 2015 and we will kick start the new year on January 4th at the Western Nursery and Landscape Association trade show.  We are pretty excited for the show to be hosted in downtown Kansas City at the Crown Center Exhibit Hall. This is where I remember the show as a child.  Every year I would get to go see my dad and uncle at the show and we would always have lunch at the Crayola Café. The trade shows at Crown Center make up a few of the many great memories I have from growing up in the nursery business.

From everyone at Loma Vista Nursery, we appreciate your partnership in 2014 and look forward to 2015. We wish you a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year.


For more details or to register for the Western Trade show visit  View the online schedule for details about Loma Vista's learning centers on the trade show floor.  We hope to see you there. 

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