Thursday, November 20, 2014

Winter Wonderland

It is that time of year when evergreens stick out beautifully against most deciduous ornamentals, unless using the brilliant color of dogwood varieties such as Arctic Fire. If you are closing shop, think not! Expand your winter sales by sprucing up yards for the dull of winter. A landscape should not look bland just because plants are not actively growing. Invest in the holidays and keep your clients' homes looking their best when family and friends are over to visit.

Cornus Arctic Fire and Bright Edge Yucca
Cornus Arctic Fire 3PW, Bright Edge Yucca #5

Conjure up fond memories with your customers by asking a fun thing they recall doing around the holidays. I loved going out with my family to get our live Christmas tree when I was a young girl. Building on their responses will make it easy to suggest how to decorate their home for the holidays. Creating these strong relationships with your clients is priceless. Provide year round interest near entryways by using Yucca Bright Edge for a sunny spot or Ilex Honey Maid for a protected and partly shaded area.

China Girl and Honey Maid Holly
China Girl Holly Pyramidal #7, Honey Maid Holly #3

Other possibilities include planting a pyramidal form of boxwood or holly. We have some awesome looking China Girl Holly shaped into a pyramidal form, which will also do the trick by potting into urns and placing one on each side of a front porch entrance.

Decorating is something I thoroughly enjoy by creating color combinations, using flashy, bright and sparkly objects, and playing with textures and light. Coming up with ideas for winter containers, door swags and the like is really fun and can be thoroughly enjoyed by all. Click to view our winter containersPinterest board for design inspiration.

Winter Container Pinterest Board
Winter Containers on Pinterest

Make suggestions to prune branches from pines or spruces growing close to a client's house or intruding on other plants in the late fall or winter to use the freshly cut branches in indoor or outdoor containers. This is also a great time to collect any pine cones that can be wired into arrangements for the front porch, window boxes, door swags, or table d├ęcor. Encourage homeowners to purchase a live Christmas tree, already in a container, but make sure it is kept watered inside so it can be planted into the landscape at a later time. Adding a big red bow, lights or spray glitter, or outdoor ornaments can really make a dashing statement to a juniper or holly.

Sky High Juniper and Castle Spire Holly
Sky High Juniper 3FE, Castle Spire Holly 3PW

Call us so we can help you and your customer create the ideal winter wonderland.
By Sheila Balaun, Inventory Control/Customer Service, Loma Vista Nursery

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