Friday, November 7, 2014

November Plant Care Tips

Image courtesy of KC Royals
The Royals are American League Champions and we had a great battle for the World Series. The last time I saw the Royals in the spotlight I had just started in the nursery business and nursery jaws had not been invented yet.  We used skid loaders with a bucket or a set of forks or a log chain to load trees.  There were can cutters laying in the corner of the shed and I asked an older worker what the tool was.  He said that they hadn't used them in years but shrubs used to come in metal cans that resembled Charles Chips' cans. 

Fall color has been magnificent and the good color is going to be gone before you know it so make an effort to get out and enjoy it.  Fall tree planting will be underway shortly.  As soon as we get a good killing freeze, we will be digging all the fall favorites.  Fall dig is only for a few varieties of trees we grow and this includes maple, crab, juniper, sweetbay magnolia as most of the trees that are shallow rooted.  Spring dig trees include birch, redbud, oak, elm, lilac and ginkgo. 

November is the month to finish cleaning up the perennial beds.  The spent flowers from the Hydrangea paniculatas and Lagerstroemia should be removed so the plant isn't damaged by the weight of snow.  Do not cut back into the body of the plant.  To prepare your plants for the cold nights and days ahead, spray an application of Wilt-Pruf on broadleaf evergreens.  Water is critical on the year's new installs and plants not yet fully established.  Give me a call or stop by the nursery for more plant care tips. 
By Don Mann, Certified Arborist and Certified Chemical Applicator, Loma Vista Nursery

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