Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Childhood Memories

Greetings from the Polar Vortex!

During my childhood, my family would take frequent trips to my grandparents' house In Garnett, Kansas. They always had a huge vegetable garden and many flower beds. But, the plant that I will always remember the best was a large weeping willow tree that sat next to their house and hung over their long driveway.

Weeping Willow
Image by Gerhard Greunau

I do wish I had a photo of that tree. It was one of the tallest weeping willows that I recall ever seeing. While it was a darker green than the Salix alba Tristis plants we have in our propagation houses, I instantly remember my grandparents' tree every time I see the cuttings.  Above is an image of a tree that reminds me of that willow from long ago. 

 Salix in Propagation 

Our quart size trees in the propagation area are ready to be potted into larger pots for future crops.  We have both container and field grown willow trees available for spring.  Contact your sales representative to place your order.   
What can I say? I just love these trees!

By Mark Gates, Inventory Manager, Loma Vista Nursery

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