Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Survey Results


In an effort to learn more about how landscape architects specify plant material and your opinions and needs pertaining to certain industry trends, Loma Vista circulated a survey to get more data from the landscape architecture community to find out more about how we can help address the issues you face on your projects. It is our intent to do these on a regular basis in the future to keep our finger on the pulse of the landscape architect community in our region. Here is part of what you had to say this time around:

Question: What factors have the most impact on the installation timing of your projects?

Response in order of most popular: Contractor/Subs (63%), Weather (38%), Availability (38%), Design Delays (19%), Specs (16%), Scheduling (13%), Funding (6%), Unrealistic Expectations (3%)

Question: Do you specify locally grown plant material for your projects?

Response: Yes (62%), No (38%)

Question: Have you ever had a project with contract grown plant materia?

Response: Yes (76%), No (24%)

Question: Do you specify locally grown plant material for your projects?

Response: Yes (32%), No (68%)

Question: What benefits did your project realize from contract grown material?

Response in order of most popular: Reduced Substitutions (55%), Timely Availability (55%), Cost Savings (35%), Locally Grown Material (35%), Higher Quality (30%), Consistency (30%)

Sophora japonica RegentInterestingly, this set of questions and responses shows a direct correlation between factors that impact projects and the solutions to those factors that can be addressed by contract growing plant material for a project. This data illustrates the importance of selling the contract grow service to your clients, if you are given the opportunity and the project has the right amount of lead time to allow it.
Loma Vista has had tremendous success with contract growing plants and trees for projects in the past. We hope you will trust us to do the same for your projects. Please contact us if you would like our assistance in conveying the benefits, logistics or pricing advantages of contract growing to your client. We are happy to help!
 By Chad Weinand, Business Development, Loma Vista Nursery

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