Friday, October 3, 2014

Sunsparklers and More

Lime Zinger Sunsparkler Sedum 

New at Loma Vista Nursery this year are three varieties of Sunsparkler Sedums. They are Cherry Tart, Dazzleberry and Lime Zinger. Chris Hansen, a plant breeder in Michigan, is developing the Sunsparklers. His goal is to produce new ground cover types of sedums with compact growth habits, attractive foliage, brilliant flower colors and hardiness (zones 4-9).

The first sedum in the series is Dazzleberry. It was chosen for its compact habit of 8" tall and 18" wide. In the spring its foliage is a blue grey with pink-red stems. In the fall the foliage color deepens to a rich smoky purple. Its 6-8" raspberry colored flower heads bloom from late summer into fall.

Cherry Tart is the second in the series. It was chosen for its distinctive cherry-red foliage and 6"tall by 18" compact habit. In the fall this plant is covered with 5" deep pink flower heads. What is also unique about the foliage is that it does not fade like other red sedums.

Sunsparkler Sedum mixed tray
Sunsparkler Medley Sedum 18 Tray
Lime Zinger, show above,  is the third in the series. It was chosen for its bright lime-green foliage with crisp cherry-red edges. It grows to 4" tall by 18" wide. It has large clusters of hot pink flowers that don't flop or fade.

Once established they are drought resistant, quick spreading. They are ideal plants for areas that receive full sunshine and hard to plant areas such as slopes and dusty sites.  They make for winter interest with their dried flower heads especially when planted along with perennial grasses. They also work well in containers.

Other groundcovers that are great for sunny areas include:

Jewel Desert Peridot Delosperma
Jewel Desert Peridot Delosperma
Golden Lysimachia
Goldie Lysimachia
Waterperry Veronica

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By Kate Williams, Sales Representative, Loma Vista Nursery

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