Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Availability Comments

Keeping our customers informed as to the current pruning stage that our plants are in, is very important to us. To accomplish this, our availability report has this information posted in the comments section. These comments are updated as our crews report their daily pruning activities.

For this article we have included some photos to help visually explain the difference between our lightly sheared comment and our pruned comment. Also, we often prune or shear a % of a crop to allow us to keep a good portion ready to ship, while pruning the remaining portion to promote vigorous and full bodied growth.


Manhattan Euonymus 

In the 1st photo of our EUONYMUS kiaut Manhattan 5 gallon plants you can see our unpruned plant on the left, a "lightly sheared" plant in the middle, and "pruned" plant on the right.

Manhattan Euonymus 50% pruned

In photo # 2 of the EUONYMUS kiaut Manhattan you can see one of our beds that has been "50% Pruned" back.

Hypericum plants 

In example photo # 3 we have two HYPERICUM kalmianum plants in #1 containers. The plant on the left has not yet been pruned while the plant on the right has been pruned well back. The production comment for this plant is "50% Pruned".

Hypericum staged pruning  

And, lastly, the 4th photo is a view of the HYPERICUM kalmianum bed that these plants were pulled from showing a "50% Pruned" crop.  From a time to time, you may see a comment of "33% Pruned".  This means 1/3 of the crop has been pruned. 

Hopefully, this makes it easier to interpret the production notes on the availability.  Of course, we would love show you Loma Vista's container farm in person.  Please contact your sales representative or send an email to sales@lomavistanursery.com to make arrangements for a tour.  

By Mark Gates, Inventory Manager, Loma Vista Nursery

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