Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Value of a Certified Arborist

Just because you can start a chain saw doesn't mean you are an arborist.  We have had three fatal climbing deaths in the Kansas City area in recent weeks related to tree work.  All were accidents that could have been avoided.  One involved trimming a tree by a power line.  Any tree or branch within ten feet of a power line should be handled by a line clearance professional.  Timing is critical on many trees for pruning or for cleaning up storm damaged trees.  And, skill through education and training is also critical.   

"A trained arborist means safer trees and safer people" stated Rick Spurgeon, City Arborist for Olathe, Kansas and past president of Kansas Arborist Association at a recent visit to the nursery.  "Greatly reduce your liability when it comes to your employees and clients and their property with a trained professional arborist."

Team up with a professional arborist or encourage your staff to go through the training offered by a state, regional, or national groups such as ISA.  How to Hire an Arborist by the MDC states that "research on tree care constantly yields new techniques and products that are better for trees and the environment. An arborist must keep up with improving techniques."    

Give me a call or stop by the nursery if you want to learn more about getting involved with an arborist group or becoming a certified arborist. 


Trimming trees is treacherous, even for experts - KC Star

By Don Mann, Sales Representative, Kansas Certified Arborist, Kansas Certified Chemical Applicator

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