Tuesday, August 19, 2014

New Hostas in the Pipeline

Over the past few seasons we have added quite a few new varieties to our hosta program.   

Stained Glass Hosta
Stained Glass Hosta

We also have kept the tried and true varieties in our program because we know they work.   


Patriot Hosta 1gl
Patriot Hosta

And, we've expanded our line to carry two gallon container hostas for those of you who want instant impact for the landscape. 

Sum and Substance 2gal
Sum and Substance 2 gal

As growers, we are continually trying to produce superior plants.  Our team in Ottawa is striving to learn as much as possible about new and improved production techniques and new and improved varieties.

A few weeks ago, our team (myself, operation's manger Ben Cecil, perennial grower Jessi Knickerbocker, and Robert Kerns from Ball Horticulture) had the opportunity to meet with a perennial breeder, Rummy Lubbe, from Molter BV of Holland.  Molter BV is a family owned perennial nursery which started in 1998 and is located west of Holland, right in the middle of the world famous bulb growing area.  They chose this location for their production nursery because of the high quality and unique soil which enables them to produce a high quality plant with guaranteed fast and healthy growth.  Molter grows over 1200 perennial varieties and a high percentage of their varieties come from their own breeding program.  Loma Vista brings bareroot hostas from Holland because they have excellent quality and are virus free. 

Wow, was this meeting enlightening.  Not only did we learn tons about hostas, virus indexes, and production techniques, we also got to see what hostas are performing the best in the landscape and in the nursery.  Equipped with this information, we are tweaking our production plans to offer a strong hosta program that will ensure success for you and your customer.  A happy end-user is what we are all striving for and having the best varieties will help us all achieve this result. 

What is your favorite hosta?  I am excited to add the variety 'First Frost' to our hosta program.  Look for this and other hostas new to Loma Vista this fall and next spring. 

First Frost Hosta
First Frost Hosta

By Lyndsi Oestmann, Vice President

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