Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Healthy Rivers Partnership

This spring, Loma Vista Nursery took part in supporting a group of young artists in a very unique and interesting project. A collaboration between a group of Shawnee Mission East art and photography students and the Healthy Rivers Partnership, called Art & Science Collaboration (Creative ColLab), brought together students, volunteers and professionals to create an art exhibit showcasing the works of the students that were inspired by a day long excursion on the Missouri River.

The exhibit space, which is also the headquarters for the Healthy Rivers Partnership located in the historic West Bottoms area of Kansas City, Missouri, was designed and constructed primarily by the high school students, with direction from the volunteers and professionals.

garden construction  

One of the projects that was created was a roof top pallet garden that utilized recycled wood pallets, stainless steel buckets and a couple of rowing racing skulls as the planters.  Landscape Architects Matt Schoell-Schafer of Vireo and Chad Weinand of Loma Vista Nursery led a design charette with the students and provided design and construction expertise. 


The finished garden consisted of planters that acted as safety barriers, tree wells, benches, and even a vegetable garden.  Loma Vista Nursery supplied plants grown at our Ottawa container farm facility for the project including Rose Sedum, Big Bluestem, Pearl Bush, Kalmanium Hypericum, Green Vase Zelkova and Summer Charm Tree Lilac.

finished garden

To learn more about how you can get involved with these great organizations, please visit www.healthyriverspartnership.com or http://artscaffolding.wordpress.com, or call me here at Loma Vista to learn more.  Future phases of the roof garden as well as future classes of art and photography students' projects are currently being planned.

  By Chad Weinand, Business Development, ASLA, PLA, LEED AP

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