Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Great Plants

I love gardening!  It feeds my soul with hope and wonderment. Each year that passes I am amazed to see what new plants I can try to kill, lol. As many of you know, to be a successful gardener, you have to kill lots of plants.  I added a wonderful Picea abies 'procumbens' this year and it looked great for a while and then it got HOT and down it went, RIP little fella. This year I also added some new plants to very tired plantings that have been here since I bought the place. It was time to retire the Syringa reticulata that struggled because it was in full shade, go figure!  I re-vamped this garden with our wonderful plants from Loma Vista Nursery.

Michelle's landscape 

From this view point you can see that I added three Meidiland Crimson roses, love them! They put on a spectacular show all season long, no real need to dead head but I do just because I think it makes them re-bloom again a bit faster.

I added just one Agastache 'Blue Fortune' in the very front.  Normally, I would put in at least three but I didn't know this plant very well and wanted to see how it would perform. It has been incredible.  As you can see, the flowers are just now starting to fade (blooming from June-August, what a show!!). To think I wanted to cut them off to help with transplant shock. I was talked into leaving them on and I am so glad I did!

In the very back I added Hydrangea 'Pinky Winky' and one Mohican Viburnum which I am excited to watch grow.  You can see the Pinky's are just getting started to make their summer statement, and anticipating a really nice show until fall when they will turn pink too. I accented the door by adding two Panicum viragatum 'Shenandoah', one on each side (you can only see one).  This is one of my absolute favorite grasses.  It is tough and is starting to show some slight red tinges which is one of its most interesting characteristics.

Kopper King Hibiscus 

On the other side of the garden, I added Kopper King Hibiscus, it is way cool with copper foliage against the beautiful light pink blossoms. I can't wait until it fills in a bit more.  Every time I go by it, I find it amazing that we can grow something so tropical in our arid climate in Colorado.
Just a few highlights from my front yard that I thought you might enjoy. Happy gardening!

By Michelle Cadena, Sales Representative

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