Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fall is Coming!

    So, some of us don't want to say it yet. Fall is coming!  With the start of my daughter's school, I also start to think about raking leaves.  And, I think about adding new plants to the landscape before the leaves drop.     

      I was down at container farm last week touring with some architects for an upcoming project and was able to put an eye on some of the fall crops that are ready now or will be within a few weeks. With Mother Nature not really bringing on the blistering heat this July and August as in years past, a lot of the plants have put on substantial growth.    

       Some of the standouts are our Viburnum crops that we have been waiting on patiently. Carlessi, Burkwood, Pragense and Juddi Viburnums all are looking great. Also, two other plants that caught my eye were Amber Jubilee Ninebark, Little Lamb Hydrangea.    

      These were only a few items out of many that looking great. Ben Cecil and his team have done a great job this year and I'm surely looking forward to the fall flush.  


Burkwood Viburnum
Burkwood Viburnum #5


Carlesii Viburnum
Carlesii Viburnum #5


Pragense Viburnum
Pragense Viburnum #3


Juddii Viburnum
Juddii Viburnum #3


Amber Jubilee Physocarpus
Amber Jubilee Physocarpus 2FE 


Little Lamb Hydrangea
Little Lamb Hydrangea 3PW


    Please give me a call if you would like to tour our container farm or tree fields, 913-897-7010 or send an email to me at  
By Steve Bridges, Sales Representative

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