Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Espresso Coffee Tree

I toured our field tree production recently in Willow Springs Township, Kansas.  The cool summer and decent rainfall have been very advantageous for our crops.  Trees have put on the best growth we've seen in many years.  Due to the great growing season, we are projecting more sellable material than we originally anticipated. One item to note that looks excellent in our fields is Espresso Kentucky Coffee Tree.  This is a seedless selection that is cold hardy and drought tolerant.  Plus, it has great bark and a beautiful fall color.   

The Coffee Trees in our field can be harvested during spring dig season 2015.  If you need trees sooner, there is an excellent crop of 25 gallon container Coffee Trees (straight species) at our pot-in-pot production in Ottawa, Kansas.  They caliper at 1.75 & 2 inch and are ready to be shipped with your container shrub or tree order this summer or fall. 

Coffee Tree

I am really digging our new container tree production.  It is great to have access to these trees year round.  Another advantage of container trees is reduced freight cost.  If you just need a few trees, we can load those with your shrubs, grasses and perennials. Or, if you need many trees, we can ship 300-350 #15 or 150-175 #25/#30 per truckload.  

Information on Espresso Coffee Tree From J. Frank Schmidt & Son Co:

 mature Espresso Coffee Tree 

Height: 50'
Spread: 35'

Shape: Oval to vase shaped with upright arching branches
Foliage: Huge doubly compound leaves, bluish-green
Fall Color: Yellow
The huge doubly compound leaves give this tree a tropical feel, and the arching branches present an elm-like form. This is a seedless selection. Good tolerance of heat, drought, and cold.

If you are looking for trees for this fall or next spring and would like to set up a tour, please call me anytime at 913-897-7010 or email me at lyndsi@lomavistanursery.com.    

By Lyndsi Oestmann, Vice President, Loma Vista Nursery

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