Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Water Wise Landscape

Early June has been pretty wet in our neck of the woods yet most of the area still remains abnormally dry or in a moderate drought.  According to the Kansas Geological Survey, "Periods of severe drought are one of the greatest recurring natural disasters in North America. In any given year, droughts occur all across North America resulting in significant impacts on local economies, societies, and the natural environment." 

Water resource management and conservation are responsibilities we all bear.  Here are some tough, water-wise plants to consider.

Chaenomeles speciosa Double Take series

This thornless, fruitless quince is a champ!  It will tolerate/adapt to a wide range of soils including dry and clay soil.  This quince will take partial shade.  Typical mature size is 3-4' by 3-4'. 

A large group of Scarlet Storm were planted on a project late last year here in the Kansas City area.  Not only was our winter dry but we had many consecutive days of negative temperatures.  How do those quince look?  They all survived and are still blooming or maybe blooming again.  Either way, they have flowers in June.

Loma Vista has Pink Storm, Scarlet Storm, and Orange Storm in production.


Double Take Orange Storm
Double Take Orange Storm


Hypericum kalmianum Sunny Boulevard

Sunny Boulevard hypericum also makes our list of champions.  It has a nice compact form typically growing to 2-3' by 3-4'; very dense branching.  Yellow blooms  

I recently took a Sunny Boulevard Hypericum on a road trip with me.  For two days it was in an enclosed car, no water, hot humid conditions.  It sat overnight in the vehicle, windows up and while other plants along for the ride were droopy in the morning, Sunny Boulevard was no worse for wear.  Post road trip, the plant sat out in the heat for another couple days without water before it started showing signs of neglect.  What a trooper!


Sunny Boulevard Hypericum 1PW
Sunny Boulevard Hypericum 1PW


Rudbeckia fulgida Little Goldstar

Rudbeckia is probably already in your water wise pallet.  But have you tried Little Goldstar?  This compact Black Eyed Susan matures to about half as tall as Goldsturm.  Our #1's are loaded with buds.


Rudbeckia Little Goldstar 1gal
Rudbeckia Little Goldstar
By Caitlin Hupp, Sales Representative

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