Thursday, March 20, 2014

Keeping track of a million plants


When it comes to managing inventory of a 300 acre nursery, keeping track of its one million plants entails many steps.  Take junipers for example.  Our junipers at the nursery start off as cuttings from older plants.  These cuttings are taken from our crops in November.  The cuttings are given a root hormone to promote root growth and placed in 4 inch trays.  They are then counted, their location is documented, and they are placed into our inventory system.  

Once those junipers are rooted well enough (around July), they are re-potted into a gallon container.  At this point, the plants are moved to a new location and recounted.  Information such as their ready date, size and new location(s) are given to inventory.  Some of the newly potted one gallons will be categorized as liners to be potted later in the year into a bigger sized container.  The others will be marked as sellable and available for purchase when their new ready date has arrived and will show on the availability as a future crop.  When an invoice for these junipers is created, they are allocated and the location is recorded where they are to be pulled from.  Once those items have been pulled and loaded onto the truck, they will be taken out of inventory.  When the time comes for the liners to be potted up to a new size, the process is then repeated.  Thus, continuing the cycle of potting liners and sellable plants, documenting the new locations and ready dates, and entering the data into our inventory system. 

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Mark Gates, inventory manager, Loma Vista Nursery


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