Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Official Start of Spring

The official start of spring is March 20th this year. At Loma Vista Nursery we are busy getting ready.

Potting of perennials started last week and the rose wake up will begin this week.

Potting of perennial plugs is done by hand in heated greenhouses to avoid harsh outdoor temperatures.

Rose wake up involves pruning and feeding the roses, and warming the houses. The outer layer of white plastic is removed from the house, leaving the second clear layer, so that we take advantage of sunlight during the day to warm the houses. Heaters keep the temperatures up at night. This gives the roses a nice flush of growth and has them ready for spring sales.

If you like to schedule a spring tour of Loma Vista's container farm, please contact your sales representative or call 913-897-7010 or email

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