Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Reminiscing Smells of the Outdoors

Catalpa flowers
As I sit and look out my window and see all the deciduous trees, shrubs and perennials dormant, my mind begins to wander. Temperatures will be getting up past 50 degrees with sunny days ahead I will be anxiously waiting for the new season that will emerge in the months to come. With the anticipation of spring color, another unique perspective on the horizon is the fragrance of spring and summer. Of course there are the usual suspects like lilacs and roses that are so wonderful, but do you notice the pleasant fragrance of the Linden, Honeylocust, or Catalpa? Although the flowers on the Linden and Honeylocust are fairly insignificant (I think we can all appreciate them) the fragrance is subtle yet sweet and the flowers on Catalpa are just amazing. They have a gorgeous orchid-like flower and the fragrance is simply sweet.
Courtesy of The Grove
Each of the trees' fragrance is unique and has a way of taking you back to the place you first smelled them. The Honeylocust takes me back to my family farm as a child. The driveway seemed like miles long back then. It is actually a few hundred yards long but then I would walk down the gravel path in bare feet (I can only wish to do that today). I enjoyed those days of playing in the mud, making mud pies and forts in the windbreak.

What's your favorite fragrance of spring or summer? Does it transport you to a special place? Go out and make a memory with your children or grandchildren by planting a tree or shrub and then noticing the sweet smells together. The memories we create will continue in the years to come! It is so important and very rewarding that we get the opportunity to pass on such a great legacy.

Michelle Cadena, Sales Representative, Loma Vista Nursery

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