Monday, November 11, 2013

What's happening with the conifers?

Photo courtesy of University of Nebraska
Lincoln Extension
Fall color is in full swing and the nip in the air has my bird dog eager to get in the truck and travel.
Evergreens are in the fall needle drop and the phones are ringing with customers asking what's wrong, why is the spruce dying? Some customers will panic but it is a natural part of the plant's cycle. Yellowing of third year needles on the inside of the plant is the usual sign that the plant is shedding old growth. To learn more about evergreens and needle drop, go to University of Nebraska - Lincoln Extension Natural Needle Drop.
With cooler temperatures and shorter days, the plants are beginning to slow down and shut down for winter. Digging season will be underway after this good soaking rain and the nursery will fill up again with fresh dug trees.
Have a great planting season and good luck with the sprint to the finish of the year.
By Don Mann, Kansas Certified Arborist and Certified Chemical Applicator, Loma Vista Nursery 

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