Monday, November 11, 2013

Fall Tree Harvest is Here

We all have been anticipating the fall tree harvest. With the increase in demand, trees in different varieties, sizes and quantities have been a little tougher to find compared to years past. Now that demand for trees is up a bit, Loma Vista has expanded their container growing operation to accommodate these needs. 

One of the many positives of container grown trees is that it should allow for more availability year round. Planning and planting around spring harvest and fall harvest are things of the past with container trees.

What a change from only a few years ago, when there were huge surpluses of trees. Tree growers and liner growers were bulldozing, burning and giving them away at tree auctions across the country to move them out of their inventories. Hopefully, the uptick in demand is a sign of good things to come economically. And, hopefully, tree growers will not ever again think about bulldozing and burning piles of trees ever again.

Please call (913-897-7010) or email me if you would like a tour of our tree fields and container farm. 
Steve Bridges, Sales Representative, Loma Vista Nursery 

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