Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Images of our Tree Fields

CARPINUS betulus Fastigiata field shot

ACER rubrum Red Sunset 2in
What were we thinking? Alfredo and I picked a day when it was about 100 degrees to walk the tree fields and take photos in July. We started off strong in the early hours of the morning and slowly faded...

We did journey across 100's of acres and took quite a few photos. Our field crops of trees and shrubs are looking very nice! They appreciate the great weather we have had of sunny days and regular rainfall.

GLEDITSIA tricanthos Shademaster 3in
ACER ginnala Flame 7ft

Above  are a few of the images of our trees. For a complete look, please go to our Dropbox Tree Fields folder.
Susan Mertz, Director of Marketing, Loma Vista Nursery

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