Friday, June 21, 2013

Propagation at Loma

The cool spring of 2013 has finally ended and the propagation department at Loma Vista Nursery is shifting into high gear. The warmer weather has plants growing and cuttings are becoming plentiful. Our mist and fog houses are filling up with future, 1, 3 and 5 gallon plants.

Barberry cuttings in the fog house

The fog houses provide a very fine constant "fog" to keep the relative humidity inside the house as high as possible. This helps to prevent the cuttings from drying out. It is used for softer and/or more difficult to root material.

Azalea cuttings in the  mist house

The mist houses use a timer to turn the sprinklers or mist heads on and off at intervals set by the irrigationist. The idea here is to not let the cuttings dry out. Usually it is for harder wood plants that root more readily than what is put in the fog houses.

Loma Vista's in house propagation department enables us to better control the quality and size of our liners. And, makes certain the plants we grow are acclimated to weather conditions for the region. By propagating approximately one million plants per year as opposed to shipping in liners, we are able to better utilize resources including fuel consumption. 

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