Monday, April 8, 2013

Bud and Bloom at the Container Farm

Loma Vista's container farm quickly transformed from winter to spring last week.  The temperatures are evening out, the plastic has been removed, and it's time for the mini huts to come down.  The next step will be spacing the plants.

Friday was a beautiful afternoon to walk the container farm and see our new crops and all the plants in bud and bloom.  Proven Winner's Double Take Scarlet Storm Quince is new at Loma Vista.  Large showy flowers, no thorns, and little to no fruit production are a few of the attributes.  The shrubs are full of buds and flowers. 

The lilacs are coming out of dormancy and the flower buds are swelling.  The image to the right is the Common Purple Lilac.  Meyeri (Dwarf Korean), Patula (Miss Kim), James MacFarland, Bloomerang and Vulgaris are the shrub forms with flower buds emerging.  The container tree form lilacs with flower buds are Meyeri and Snowdance. 

We're also seeing bud and bloom on many of the fragrant viburnums.  Burkwood, shown to the left, Carlesii and Juddi are all full of flower buds.  Pink Dawn is now flowering. 

Long time favorites, Cistena Plum and Forsythias, are full of flowers.  Our #5 Cistena is shown to the right.  Forsythias in flower include Show Off Starlet (1PW) and Bronx (#3). 

The Gardenii Fothergilla, available in a #3 container, have buds just starting to open.

#3 PJM Compact Rhododendrons  are also ready to ship, full of buds and flowers.  The Capistrano Yellow and Vulcan Rhododendrons have tight buds.  All the azaleas are full of flower buds - Bloom-A-Thons, Bollywood, Herbert, Stewartsonian, Ashley Marie, Hot Shot, National Beauty, Pleasant, Rose, Lights series (Golden, Mandarin, Northern, Orchid), poukhanenese and yedoense. 

Our rose crops are looking great.  Loaded with buds, here's the 1KO. 

We're also seeing the first flowers of the season on the Knock Outs, Home Runs, Oso Easy and Drift Roses.  These will be full of flowers in time for Mother's Day promotions. 

Shown below is Proven Winner's Mango Salsa.  It's available in a 1PW, both farm direct and at the LDC. 

Here's a sneak peek at one of the many tree roses that will be ready to ship soon.  This one is Pink Promise, a great addition to a garden center Pink Day campaign.  Pink Promise is the official rose of The National Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  The soft pink flowers are lightly scented. 

Other tree roses coming on include Iceberg, Bewitched, Paradise, Mr. Lincoln, and Sunny Delight. 

Our spring 2013 crops of perennials are pot full and ready to ship!  Some have started flowering.  Bleeding Heart, Spring Charm Arabis, Columbine, Paprika Yarrow and Creeping Phlox have buds and blooms. 

We'd love to show you what's growing at the nursery!  The container farm is open to tour for landscapers, re-wholesale nurseries and garden centers.  To arrange a tour, please contact your sales representative or call the sales office at 913-897-7010. 

Landscape architect tours are available on the 3rd Friday of the month.  To make arrangements, please call Lyndsi at 913-897-7010. 

Susan Mertz, Director of Marketing, Loma Vista Nursery

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