Saturday, March 23, 2013

The new guy in town

As the new guy in town, I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself.  I am the grower at the Ottawa container farm.  First, I'd like to thank everyone for making me feel so welcome and at home. It's a pleasure to work with people committed to growing a quality product. 

My introduction to horticulture came from my father. An industrial chemist, he gardened for relaxation but his pastime became my passion.  Never very academically inclined, I'd found something I was quite good at (though I say it myself, I can build a pretty decent compost pile).

Laceleaf Japanese MapleI started my career at a nursery/garden center south of London where retailing, landscape installation and production ran side by side. Encouraged by the manager, I entered an agricultural college, introducing me to landscaping and arboriculture. The course I took required a year working in the industry. That brought me to Oregon to where I returned after graduating.  I spent a number of years growing glasshouse crops, primarily florist Azaleas, then Rhododendrons and Japanese Maples.  I do have an affinity for the maples and am delighted we grow them at Loma Vista.  While in Oregon, I also started a nursery growing perennials.
I'm pleased to become a part of the Loma Vista team and am excited at the chance to make a contribution to the nursery. I wish everyone a successful season. And, look forward to meeting you all when you join us in Ottawa for a tour of the container farm.

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