Friday, March 8, 2013

Spring is coming, seriously

I am peering out of the office window admiring how the evening sun can make everything it lays upon seem warm and welcoming... even the piles of melting snow that still exist. However, a quick step outside results in a brutal slap from cold Kansas winds as a reminder that teens are forecasted tonight and there is still ample opportunity for freezing weather in the weeks to come.

Pruning HollyBut we must push forward! Our production team is in full gear preparing plants to wake up strong, vibrant and ready to impress. We have started our late winter shaping of various items that require a light tip to ensure a nice uniform bud break.

Others are having their fertilizer applied to supply the necessary nutrients for attractive foliage and excellent performance in the landscape.   Bareroot items are on their way to either help us maintain consistent offerings or add more diversity to our future availability.

Patriot Hostas in ProductionLet us not forget about the perennials. They are currently establishing their roots and beginning to develop their foliage in our greenhouses. This deliberate action is what sets them up for an explosion of color for the garden center or landscape in the spring.

While our recent weather can cause some to question spring's true intentions of arrival, it will definitely come sooner or later. Our goal is be ready with what you need when the desire to dig arrives.

Ben Cecil, Operations Manager, Loma Vista Nursery

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