Friday, March 1, 2013

Don's Early Spring Tips

Don't be alarmed by plants weighed down by the snow.  They will stand up again.  The heavy snow did break up quite a few trees in town.  Any fractures should be pruned off cleanly.  If it is a main branch, try to go back to the branch collar.  If the break is out on the terminal end, that branch can usually be salvaged with a pruning cut. 

With fresh nursery stock available, spring is a good time to begin replacing the street and shade trees that failed last summer after the long period of drought and heat stress.  Diversity is key to a healthy urban tree canopy.  For some recommendations, view our Recommended Native and Cultivars Plant List for Midwest Landscapes.  

Don't forget to cruise your properties and be on the lookout for crabapple and pine fungicide needs.  As the candle begins to expand on a pine, diplodia issues should be addressed with a Cleary 3336 spray every 10-14 days.  This product can also be applied to crabapples and other susceptible ornamentals as the buds start to break until full leaf to prevent rust issues.  

Fresh stock is coming in daily.  Call for availability.  And, have a great spring! 
Don Mann, Sales Rep/Kansas Certified Arborist and Certified Chemical Applicator, Loma Vista Nursery

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