Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Recycling at the Container Farm

bailed plasticWe are sincere in our commitment to provide quality products, services and to be good stewards of our environment.  The personnel at the production facility play key roles in keeping these values going strong.  Our practices have been defined by 22 years of growing experience and we are looking into the best methods to keep our operations running efficiently.   
hoop housesWith the adoption of a container recycling program, now running strong, we have reduced plastic from entering the landfill and allow you an opportunity to dispose of your unwanted waste in an eco-friendly manner.  This is just one of the ways Loma Vista Nursery is continuing its commitment to create a better environment. 
empty containersThe overwintering poly on our greenhouses will be removed and recycled in the spring after protecting the plants from the extreme winter weather. 
Loma Vista Nursery's LDC location in Olathe, Kansas is a drop off point for our customer's empty containers.   The winter hours are 8am - 3:30pm, 12905 W. 143rd Street, Olathe, Kansas.
As your preferred plant vendor, we can offer you the best quality plant products adapted to the Midwest.  We look forward to servicing your plant needs in 2013.  Call Kim or Lyndsi at 913-897-7010 or email kim@lomavistanursery.com to arrange for a tour of our tree fields and container farm.

Sheila Balaun, Inventory Manager, Loma Vista Nursery

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