Thursday, February 21, 2013

Prepping for Spring

This is a busy time at Loma Vista! Tree harvest has begun. One of my main responsibilities is coordinating with the tree farm in tagging trees from our customers' master orders. As soon as the order comes in, I let the tree farm know what is ordered.  Manuel then goes out and tags each tree. As digging progresses, I keep track of what is dug, where it is dug from and who it's dug for. As soon as an order is complete, we contact the customer and get it shipped to them. I also keep an eye on the container master orders.  We try to combine tree and container orders whenever possible to help our customers save on shipping. 

Redpoint Maple summer 2012The trees are starting to come out of the fields.  The Redpoint maples are just beautiful. Their form is one of the best pyramidal trees I have seen and they have wonderful reddish branches for great interest when they are bare.  This image is a field shot of the Redpoints taken in July 2012. 

I have also noticed that there is bud swell in the Autumn Spire Maples. It's exciting going into spring when everything is beginning to wake up.
Santa Fe Paeony

Another plant I'm excited about is Santa Fe Paeony. It has a blush white center with a mauve pink outer whirl that makes it stand out.  The image to the right is courtesy of Contrary Mary.  Other new paeonies available this spring farm direct are Festiva Maxima, Edulis Superba and Pink Dawn.

Please call the sales office at 913-897-7010 if you would like assistance with your spring order.  

Kim Burton, Inside Sales Representative, Loma Vista Nursery

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