Thursday, February 14, 2013


At the recent New Partners for Smart Growth conference in Kansas City, Parklets were on display and much discussed.  Hanging from the trees at one of the Parklets at the conference were tree facts promoting the planting of trees.
The concept of Parking Day Spaces has evolved into Parklets in several places across the country.  A Parklet is a semi-permanent structure taking the place of a curbside parking spot that includes places to gather and plants.
Parklet in San FranciscoIn San Francisco, this Pavement to Park movement is usually a public and private partnership. Using public space, private businesses take on the expense of construction, maintenance and liability of the 100+ Parklets in San Francisco.  The photo to the left is of a parklet in San Francisco.
Across the country in Chicago and Philadelphia, Parklets are truly semi-permanent and in place from spring through fall.  Winter storage is a necessity so city crews can easily clear the snow.
Plants for Parklets in the Midwest are ones that will do well in containers including Prairie Dropseed, Shenandoah Switchgrass, Tiger Eyes Sumac, Densi Yews, Boxwoods and Fine Line Buckthorn.  For some height add Honeybelle Honeysuckle to the design.

Susan Mertz, Director of Marketing, Loma Vista Nursery

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