Saturday, February 16, 2013

Anticipating Spring

As we anticipate spring, we wonder what this year will bring.  It looks as though it will be busy with the uptick in new housing, commercial and municipality projects.  New construction seems to be moving right along with warm winter temperatures and no moisture slowing down the progress. 

Loma Vista Nursery is centrally locatedImpacting availability this year are several factors.  Across the Midwest, the two years of drought is playing out in the landscape.  It looks like a lot of replacements will go in this spring.  Also, availability of trees and shrubs has tightened up in the marketplace.  As a reaction to the economy downtown, many nurseries had adjusted production numbers.  Now, demand is going back up and we are all adjusting again to meet these greater needs.

The movement to buy local began many years ago.  It started with supporting regional companies.  It's especially important with plants grown in comparable zones and resulting plant health once they are in the landscape.  Fuel and trucking costs now also play a role to buying regionally and impacts availability. 

Getting your orders in early and locking down your plant material will only ease the stress for when the spring flush comes.   
Steve Bridges, Sales Representative, Loma Vista Nursery

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